How a CEO plans a day for his family in dramaland

I’ll never forget this scene

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1) I am multilingual
2) There is one thing I hate about myself : I can’t do anything without getting praised or someone supporting me
3) My favorite kpop group is Super Junior because of their awesome variety skills
4) Sometimes I feel an emotional bond to certain objects (I literally cried when the baby car from my little brother got kidnapped. My family wanted to buy a new one but I thought this couldn’t be replaced. Weird I know but I was 6-7 years old back then)
5) Mostly I like to spend time alone


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"Farewells are best when they are short and fast". 

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Most underrated OTP’s Part 1

The teddy bear couple ^.^ Bang Yi Sook (Jo Yoon Hee) and Chun Yae Yong (Lee Hee Joon) from the drama “My Husband Got A Family”.

I have to admit that they were more or less a side couple but whenever they appeared on screen they always stole the spotlight (in my opinion).

Their story is full of clichès but I can guarantee you one thing : Cuteness Overloaded! I swear I watched this drama only for this couple.

Rain is raining on Rain LOL

Rain is raining on Rain LOL

Fated To Love You- REVIEW

[Warning : Full of spoilers !!!]

I want to summarize this drama in a few sentences :

A hilarious watch with many heartwarming and heartbreaking moments alongside a female main character who grows through her pain and a male main character who covers a lot of things under his funny laughing.

Good character developement, sizzling chemistry, an intrigiung plot and amazing OSTs (kudos to you Ailee) - this drama gives you all.

Now, since my childhood I liked the story of the ugly duckling turning to a beautiful swan and was mesmerized by Cinderellas beautiful journey which happens in a single night. Those kind of stories with make overs. That’s why I enjoy korean dramas with poor but sassy female characters and rich but actually geniunely kind male characters.

But these characters were a bit different and by which I was pleasantly surprised.

Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) was rich, maybe a bit narcisstic but never ever mean. Maybe the writers wanted to break this clichè of rich people having awful personalities. I loved every single moment where he helped the insecure Mi Young (Jang Na-Ra), when he reminded her that her name being often used didn’t mean she wasn’t anything special but more because that name is popular. (Does anyone still remember the super glue speech?).

Kim Mi Young was like most women not very confident about herself as at her work place she was not really appreciated for her kindness which kind of reminds me of modern slavery (Okay, now I’m exagerrating). But she was being used by the people surrounding her because she wanted to satisfy and please them and they knew it very well. And actually her mother had characterized her in one of the first episodes (not very pretty, not really skillful but a good hearted person). Thanks to Jang Nara’s acting this character was more believable. She sure was fully immersed in her character.

Now I’ll say something which I can’t say for many dramas : All characters grew on me. I couldn’t hate even those who were supposed to be evil (well, at least at the beginning) like Se-Ra

I literally felt like a member of the “hamo-hamo” family (Kim Mi-Young’s family). ‘Glad the writers created these side characters because with them you could have a great laugh while things were getting serious.

But like many dramas this drama has a few imperfections too :

1) Starting from episode 14 the plot was dragging a bit too long. Things which could have been solved in 2-3 episodes had been extended to 4 more episodes.

2) Lee Gun’s laughing became iritating. Okay, maybe he belongs to those kind of people who laugh when they get nervous and with this serious conversation with Mi-Young’s mother it was just nervous laughing (if that’s the case I can even relate to him) but it just became childish.

3) Stiff characters. Daniel Pitt and Se-Ra were not very well characterizied. Of course it’s natural that the writers don’t let us focus too much on the side characters but at least near the end where for the two main characters everything was okay you could have given them more screen time.

4) Some things seemed forced. Like the fact that Daniel and Se-Ra were related. It seemed like the writer put it to there so there will be a bit more plot.

However those are only a few little flaws which won’t ruin this drama for you.

There’s only one actor whom I want to praise for his acting :

Jang Hyuk = Only a talented actor could create such a phenomenal character. Whenever he cried, I cried too and whenever he laughed I laughed because his laughter was funny. It’s actually a pity that the first time I saw him was in this drama. His facial expressions always varied and as I noticed from his filmography he played diverse roles. I guess it wouldn’t be too wrong to consider Jang Hyuk as the korean Johnny Depp (like I did before ^^).

Coming to the end :

It was a fitting and beautiful ending. For characters who have suffered so much previously a happy ending was something they truly deserved. There were no plot holes and all was well. Also, why should it have a sad ending? It’s not a melo drama after all.

My rating :

[9/10] = awesome
(As Master’s Sun this drama was something was something I had low expectations for but then ended up falling in love with.)

*Random Thoughts (contain some facts!)*

- I liked how in episode 19 they let Jang Na-Ra’s character play Go-Stop because the actress in real life is addicted to this game

- The script writers seem to be fans of taiwanese dramas. This drama is a remake of a taiwanese drama with the same title and these special phone conversations scenes with both the main characters was actually something adapted from the drama “In Time With You”.

- I love it how in one of the previous they let Jang Hyuk rap and Jang Na-Ra sing. They were obviously refering to Jang Hyuk’s not very successful career as a rapper and Jang Na-Ra’s singing career.

-Whenever in dramaland a heartbreaking song is sounding sh*t is about to get serious. For me this song was “Good Bye My Love” from Ailee.

- In the behind the scenes videos Jang Na-Ra and Jang Hyuk really seemed close. I can’t believe that in “A brigh girls succes story” they used to be distant.

-Oh, the metaphors and nick names. How Lee Gun called Min Young a snail and her mother rice-wrap-up lady. Also comparing the newborn of one of her relatives to an alien of E.T. Hilarious!

- It seemd like the noona-dongsaeng couple were making a parody of typical kdrama couples. They served a great laught though